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Special descaler for all types of coffee machine It extends the service life of your coffee machine and improves the quality of your coffee. Our durgol swiss espresso special descaler is suitable for all fully automatic coffee machines and capsule/pod/espresso machines, making it the ideal solution for perfect coffee. durgol swiss espresso is easy and safe to use. One dose – i.e. one 125 ml bottle – is designed to descale your coffee machine completely, easily and rapidly without requiring any further time. durgol swiss espresso has great descaling power and ensures hygienic cleanliness. Its proven hygienic cleaning effect leaves no residue inside the machine. After descaling and subsequent rinsing, the machine is fully food-safe. Thanks to its special protection and care formula, durgol swiss espresso extends the service life of your coffee machine. It also ensures the best quality for your coffee, thanks to its powerful descaling effect.

  • Special descaler for all coffee machines to ensure best quality coffee
  • Safe and easy to use with effortless and fast descaling
  • Has a proven cleaning effect and removes 99.9% of bacteria
  • Extends coffee machine life thanks to its special machine care and protection formula
  • 4 x 125ml