Zwarte Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere Coffee Press - Satin Black

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Over Zwarte Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere Coffee Press - Satin Black

Enjoy coffee in style with the Satin Black Stoneware Cafetiere Coffee Press from premium kitchenware brand, Le Creuset. Keeping coffee hotter for longer, the stoneware jug allows you to savour and enjoy each cup. Crafted from specialist clay, the stoneware cafetiere is both strong and durable, which provides superior thermal resistance and assists in maintaining an even temperature throughout. The pot houses an internal mesh sieve, which presses and filters the coffee beans, therefore delivering a more intense flavour. The versatile cafetiere may also be used with loose tea leaves. The enamel exterior is expertly designed, making the cafetiere effortless to clean and resistant to scratches. Boasting an attractive matte finish, the coffee press is the perfect centrepiece for afternoon tea or after dinner coffee. Features: Stoneware Capacity: 0.75L Microwave, grill, oven and dishwasher safe 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee